CPL ME IR: Week 2

CPL ME IR: Week 2

Another week down so this is a recap of CPL ME IR: Week 2

Bartolini Air

Day 8 – 14

So I can pretty much sum up the entire week in two words, IR Prep.
We have been in a classroom with Adam all week who has been giving us lectures on the IR theory side of it all.
This covered things such as holds, reading Jeppesen plates, reading instruments, weather, learning the departure minimums and arrival minimums, flight plans and much more.
After an entire week of this my brain is pretty fried, I have also spent the weekend going over everything we have learned as I have a test on it this coming week.
We also had a progress test every day so it has been a pretty full on time.
I am looking forward to getting the test over with and to focus on the flying as most of the theory side will be complete.
I have to return to the UK for a few days this coming week but when I get back I am looking to do the MEP and CPL back to back.

Ryanair meeting

On top of this, the cadet recruitment team from Ryanair came to see us this week. They gave a presentation on the company as well as details of the cadet scheme.
I must say, they seemed really down to earth and very nice. They were also younger than I thought they would be, I would say they were in their mid 20’s.
We had the opportunity to ask questions so this was very helpful. I guess it shows that they value the training at Bartolini if they have taken the time to come out and see the operation here.


I can’t believe I have already been out here two weeks, the time really is flying by.
One thing I have found out is that even though I have the 150 hours of P1 time, this is actually not enough. I would still be 9 hours in total short of the 200 hours needed to actually take my test. It seems that pretty much all students were caught unaware on this not too long after arrival.
I have booked 4 days at the end of September to return to England and fly these hours and I will also renew my medical at the same time.

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8 thoughts on “CPL ME IR: Week 2”

  1. I always look forward to reading your updates and your email subscription is a godsend.
    I can’t wait to reach that level as well (I’m prepping to do a solo check this week weather permitting).
    That’s great news about Ryanair coming to see you guys.

    • Best of luck with your solo check! Just break it all down and focus on the step you are at. If you look right to the end it seems a huge mountain to climb.

      • Thank you so much! Genuinely appreciated..:-)

        You’re right, it does feel like a huge mountain to climb at the moment but i’m optimistic about the future.

        Reading your blog is very inspiring and it keeps me focused – Thank you!! :-).

  2. Hi Keelan, Thank you very much for all the information you share with us. I’m going to Bartolini 1st October and these are very helpful info. I’m hope you and I will be able to see each other over there. Keep up the good work by sharing as much as possible 🙂 See u

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