CPL ME IR: Week 3

CPL ME IR: Week 3

A short recap of CPL ME IR: Week 3.

Bartolini Air

Days 14-21

Unfortunately, there is not much to say about this week. I had to return to England from Wednesday-Sunday so there was no flying done at all.
On Monday I spent my time revising for the IR test which I sat on Tuesday and thankfully passed with 89%.
I have been contacting my MEP instructor and I hope that I can start my MEP on Monday or Tuesday next week. After this, I plan to go straight into my CPL training.
Ideally I want to finish both within in the next two weeks or so, but that depends on instructors availability, weather, plane availability etc.
It would have been nice to get some flying done while I was here in England, due to still needing to do another 9 hours. The weather however has not been great and the share aircraft is once again unuseable.
I do have a plan to return to England later in September where I plan to renew my medical, so hopefully I can get the hours done then.
Hopefully I have something more interesting to say next week.

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