Trainee Pilot

My name is Keelan and I am currently a trainee pilot going through the modular flight training route. I have dreamed of flight ever since I was a young kid growing up in the shadows of my local airport. I am now in a position where I can chase my dream of becoming a qualified commercial pilot. I am a hard working, enthusiastic person with a genuine passion for aviation. All my training is being done around a pretty demanding full time job.

Flight Training
Hour BuildingJune 2016 - Present

Building up my flight experience currently flying on the Cessna C150. Previous hours on C152 & PA28.
Airfields  - Blackbushe, Cranfield, Elstree, Fenland, Gamston, Henlow, Kemble, Shobdon, Shoreham, Tatenhill, Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green.

ATPL ExamsJuly 2016 - PresentBristol Ground School

Air Law - 88%
Aircraft General Knowledge - 77%
Flight Planning & Performance - 77%
General Navigation - 78%
Human Performance and Limitations 77%
Instrumentation - 76%
Mass and Balance 75%
Meteorology - 80%
Operational Procedures - 84%
Performance - 80%
Radio Navigation - 80%
VFR Communications - 79%
IFR Communications - 83%

Night RatingOct - Dec 2016Cranfield Flying School

5.2 Hours in the Cessna 152

PPLOct 2015 - May 2016Cranfield Flying School

Trained on the Cessna 152 fleet.
10.3 hours solo
37 hours dual
0.5 hours dual night
2.2 hours skills test

FRTOLApril 2016

English language level 6

Class 1 Medical

Valid until 16/10/2018