Hour Building: Local flights from Blackbushe

The weather this weekend has been pretty good so I managed to go flying both Friday and yesterday and managed to do some Hour Building: Local flights from Blackbushe.
C150 in flight
There is not much to say about these at all. My main goal was to build time and just brush up on my general handling. I was down at Blackbushe using up some of the hours I had left there and managed to fly 2.7 hours over the two days which aint bad at all.
Oh yeah, the plane not only has a new radio but it now also has two USB ports for charging things. Seems it’s getting all it’s upgrades as I’m winding down my flying there!
The issue when I go to Blackbushe is that I spend more time driving down there and back (2-3 hours depending on traffic) than I do in the air.
I am not sure what to do with the remaining 3.3 hours down there I may use them to attempt a CPL qualifier to Shobdon and then Gamston. However I have now been informed that the Shareoplane at Henlow is back so obviously it is easier to get to.
I need to fly a lot more regularly as even after this weekend I still have 61 hours left to build which may not sound that much but can be difficult when you are mainly flying at weekends. I think I am going to have to book some half days at work and go fly at Henlow which aint too far away and I should be able to do at least 1.5-2 hours on those days which should help reduce the hours quite quickly.
It also felt good to get up just on my own and enjoy some true solo flight.  It looks like the weather is a bit crap early next week but might improve towards the weekend, lets see.

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