Hour Building – The final few hours

Hour Building – The final few hours

So I have finally finished my hour building so this is a quick post on my Hour Building – The final few hours.
The share plane never returned so I made the right call by not waiting for it.
I have ended up finishing with 101 hours PIC and 146.9 hours total. The reason I have stopped here is because at Bartolini you have to do a minimum of 3 hours familiarisation on the aircraft, which will take me over the 150.
So in the mean time, I rounded up my latest bunch of free landings from Flyer UK mag and set off on tour.

Local area

Local area flights

The good thing about Blackbushe Airport is that it opens early. The bad thing is that most other airfields open at 9 am and also require PPR.
This gave me some time to do some practice for the CPL in regards to navigation, altitude holding etc.
Also in the morning, the wind is calmer so it’s good to get a few hours in when I could.

Blackbushe -> LyddBrighton en route to Lydd

Somehow this was actually my first time heading down to the south coast in about 2 years. Why I have left it so long I have no idea because the routing down to Lydd was some of the most beautiful I have seen in my time flying.
I headed out of Blackbushe, did a zone transit of Odiham and down towards Goodwood and Shoreham before basically tracking the coast into Lydd.
When I got there I had a flyer free landing voucher, which needed an uplift of 35 litres. I only got 30 and they let me off, so that was a result.
I hope to return to Lydd sometime soon.

Blackbushe -> Manchester BartonManchester Barton

Following my flyer free landing tour (got to save where you can). The next place I decided to go was Manchester Barton. It was a long slog getting here and back in the C150 but hey I was after flight time so it was ideal.
I routed north up across the brize zone, up towards Wellesbourne past Halfpenny green then up into the Manchester low-level corridor.
This is a pretty cool route through the Manchester TMA where you can only reach 1300ft.
You listen to Manchester and set a listening squark to do this before switching to Barton.
Then I switched to Barton and did an overhead join before landing. Unfortunately, there was not much time on the ground as I had to turn around and come back
It was 2 and a bit hours each way.

Blackbushe -> Leicester

G-AWUJ Leicester

I had actually gone to Leicester a few weeks back and the cafe was closed so it felt a bit like justice that I had a free landing this time.
I took an aircraft I had not flown before and routed up under the London TMA with a service from Farnborough before switching to London Information and then on to Leicester.
It was quite breezy so this made the flight a little challenging but nothing too bad.
I did an overhead join and landed, grabbed some food and then returned back to Blackbushe.

I really wanted to go to Sandown but I just didn’t have the time to fit it in as it is quite close to Blackbushe and I needed flight time. I hope I will be able to return when I get back.

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