Hour Building Update

Hour Building Update

It has been a while so I thought I would do a quick hour building update. As things stand I have 21 hours left to do to make the 150 required for the CPL to start.

I haven’t been able to fly the share aircraft as it has been away in the shop for at least 2 months due to it having an oil leak. At first, we were limited to 1-hour flights, which of course was a problem for me. Then the plane went for repair but due to the slow movement of the authorisation for repair, it has been gone longer than needed.
It has also made the overall cost per hour rate of that aircraft higher than it should be, due to me flying it less.
I couldn’t afford to wait for the chance that it may be back in time so I am now faced with a 2.5 – 4 hour round trip by car to Blackbushe to fly as well as paying £20 more per hour. All in all, I expect that this has cost me around £1100 in fuel and flight costs and about 1.5 days in time,  so not ideal.
Anyways onto the hour building.

Blackbushe -> Welshpool -> Fenland -> Turweston -> Blackbushe

Ironically this flight was longer than the flight I did as my CPL qualifier. It worked out to be 321 NM as the crow flies as opposed to my CPL qualifier flight which was 305 NM.
I never intended to do such a long flight but I needed to build hours for the CPL so it just worked out this way.
I departed Blackbushe and through the Farnborough RA for the airshow. I then did a zone transit of Brize Norton before heading over and into Welshpool (very difficult to spot from the air).
I like Welshpool it is buried in a valley and you have lots of high ground etc to avoid as you are going to it, it was good fun to be fair. I would only head that way on a reasonably decent day.
Next up it was off to one of my favorite airfields Fenland. I departed and then flew east under the Birmingham CTA while speaking to East Midlands Lars. From here it was across past Leicester into Fenland.
When I got the Fenland they had no fuel, therefore I had to add another stop at Turweston, which is possibly the most modern GA airfield in the UK.
The good thing about Turweston is that if you uplift 50L of fuel you get a free landing which was ideal as I never really intended on visiting it this day.
It was getting late at this point so I pretty much took back off and headed back to Blackbushe.
5.1 hours done.

Blackbushe -> Fenland

I just had time for a reasonably short flight so I decided to go back to Fenland and back. The charts all showed that the winds would be calm but when I got up there it was hard work and the plane was a bit all over the place (manageable though).
It is actually good to get up in these conditions I think.
G-CSBM Fenland
I routed again through Farnborough’s RA and up under the London TMA towards MK with a traffic service from Farnborough Lars.
From here I switched to Cranfield but didn’t contact them as they can only offer me a basic service. I listened to them so I could get situational awareness.
As I routed away from Cranfield and into Cambridge area I switched to Fenland. There was 3 of us arriving at the same time. I was number 3 in sequence, mainly due to being the slowest in a Cessna 150. I eventually joined downwind and landed.
I met a really cool guy who had his own RV7 and used to be an airline pilot flying 757’s and 767’s. He had a lot of cool stories to share and showed me around his aircraft. We probably talked for about an hour before we both set of back home.
Not much to say about the return leg as it was the same as before but in reverse.
2.8 hours done.


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