ATPL theory week 4: Instrumentation

Still studying hard for the ATPL theory, so here is my recap of ATPL theory week 4: Instrumentation.

ATPL Theory Week 4

Following on from last weeks decision to focus on one subject at a time I have been working through the instrumentation lessons.
This week I was learning about gyro principles, direction indicators, artificial horizons, turn and slip indicators, rate gyros, magnetism, direct reading compasses, remote indicating compasses, deviation and compass swings. On top of this I had two practice tests thrown in for good measure.
Now I must admit, I knew the ATPL theory would be hard, but the sheer amount of information you have to process and learn can be quite overwhelming. I am now four weeks in and I can already see that when I get to the end of the module I will have to spend a lot of time going back and looking things up to make sure they have stuck. I anticipate at least a month (maybe two) of revision before I enrol on the revision week at the school.
I also have my accelerator weekend coming up at the start of August so ideally I would like to be doing the general nav subjects around that time.
It is hard to fit in so much study around work so you have to be very strict about getting in from work and putting a few hours in on your ATPL.
I will just do one update a month from now on to prevent all the posts being very similar.

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