British Airways to recuit 350 piliots in 2016!

BA A380

British Airways to recruit 350 pilots in 2016! The UK national carrier have announced that they are looking to recruit 350 pilots and 1,600 cabin crew. This will be the largest intake from the carrier in its 100 year history.

Captain Stephen Riley, BA’s director of flight operations, said: “It’s a great time to be a British Airways pilot.
“We have excellent opportunities for new pilots with the British Airways Future Pilot Programme entering its fifth successful year, as well as the very best experienced flight crew from other airlines and the military.
“We’re extremely proud that we have more female pilots than ever before, and we are continuing our recruitment campaign to encourage more women to apply to fly commercial aircraft”.

It is good to see that Captain Riley has specifically mentioned the Future Pilot Programme which in my opinion is the best scheme out there for any budding pilot.
It is also a scheme that will get you a job as a first officer for a major international carrier and give you lots of opportunities for progression.
Any budding pilot should be applying for the Future Pilot Programme in my opinion.
On top of this all flying crew will be trained at British Airways global learning academy based at Heathrow Airport, west London, which includes 15 flight simulators.
So not only will you get a chance to join a world-class airline but you will also get world-class training.British Airways have 13 brand new 787-9s and A380s arriving in 2016 that will be serving 13 new short and long-haul routes.
Of course, not all 350 will be coming from the Future Pilot Programme with British Airways also recruiting from other airlines and the military.

Update – Unfortunately it has been confirmed the future pilot programme will not open in 2016.

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