Bose A20 review

So a few months back I decided to upgrade my David Clark H10-13.4 to a set of Bose A20’s. I wanted to fly a bit with the new headset before I gave my opinion of them, so this is my Bose A20 review. Firstly I want to start by saying the David Clark is a … Read more

This weather is awful

Awful weather

Not really much to say at the moment as this weather is awful so I am pretty much grounded because of it. As you can see from the forecast from two of my local airports the chances of getting any flying done are pretty slim. I don’t recall the weather last year being this bad … Read more

One year of flying

So it has dawned on me that my one year flying anniversary was this month, so I thought I would reflect on what I have achieved and learnt in the last one year of flying. I remember my first lesson pretty well, I remember not really liking the feeling of the plane rocking on take … Read more

Eric Thomas – I Made My Mark

Today I have the video Eric Thomas- I made my mark. Anyone who knows me, knows that Eric Thomas is one of my favourite motivational speakers as I feel what he says resonates deeply with me. In this video Eric talks about the level of work and commitment that you are putting in and how … Read more

Why flight training needs to embrace GPS

imported route uk airspace avoid

One thing that I have always found weird is that despite the technology we have at our disposal, flight training at least at PPL level has a reluctance to embrace GPS and uses a training system that was designed well before these modern technologies existed. So this is why flight training needs to embrace GPS. … Read more

The UK has voted to leave the EU

eu referendum ballot paper

No matter if you was on the leave or the remain side,  today is a pretty big day in history as the UK has voted to leave the EU. At the time of this post the vote looks like 52% in and 48% out. How does this affect us trainee pilots? Well the truth is … Read more

GoPro vs Cheaper alternatives

As most of us as some point will want to film our flying I thought I would do this post on GoPro vs cheaper alternatives. I have a GoPro 3+ silver and I also have a Xiaomi Yi camera, so is the GoPro worth the difference over the influx of cheap action cameras from China? … Read more

Les Brown – It’s not over until you win

I am a big fan of motivational speeches and I find they really help and resonate deeply with me when I am working towards a goal in my life. Today I wanted to share Les Brown – It’s not over until you win. Les Brown is an American motivation speaker and in this speech he … Read more