Stormy weather and high winds

The UK is currently being battered by stormy weather and high winds, which is bad enough for most people, however when you are learning to fly it is a huge pain. Looking at the weather report for today for my local airport there is a tempo which forecasts the winds to gust up to 34 … Read more

Easyjet Scholarship for Women

Easyjet are trying to increase their new female pilots from 6% to 12% over the next two years. As part of this plan they have announced a easyJet scholarship for women. This scheme will underwrite the training costs of £100,000 for 6 female pilots. Now while this is great news and if you are female … Read more

Ebay is a pilots best friend

Crp 5

Flying is expensive, we all know that, so when we can save some money we should all jump at the chance to do so! There are great deals to be had out there on things that just don’t need to be purchased at full retail price. This is why Ebay is a pilots best friend! … Read more

Pooleys Student Pilot Starter Kit

pooleys student starter kit

One of the things that is offered to a lot of new pilots is a starter kit. The Pooleys student pilot starter kit is a popular one for the schools to offer. The thing I want to cover in this post is the question of do you actually need to buy this kit? In my … Read more

David Clark H10-13.4 Review

david clark 10-13.4

As a student pilot one of the first major purchases you make is a headset. I have been borrowing one from the school however I really needed to get my own. After doing a LOT of research online one headset came up time and time again. For that reason I decided to purchase it and … Read more

Avia weather – aviation weather app

avia weather decoded

One of the great things about pilots is we are always learning from each other and sharing things that we have discovered. I was recently looking for a weather app for my android phone and came across this app Avia Weather. The Avia Weather – Aviation weather app is a very easy way to get … Read more

Metrojet plane crash

The world we are living in is a very scary place. I am sure you have all read about the Metrojet plane crash. An Airbus A321 plane carrying innocent people from Egypt to Russia was most likely blown out of the sky by terrorists. This was a plane full of people of all ages just … Read more

Wings Alliance

wings alliance

Great news for us modular flight students. The modular schools are coming together to offer something similar to what the big integrated schools do. Under the Wings Alliance students can train via the modular route and benefit from airline links just like the integrated school courses do. The wings route will also have a MPP … Read more

Which GoPro to buy for flying


It seems the must have accessory these days when doing any kind of action activity is the very versatile GoPro camera. However with many models available you may ask which GoPro to buy for flying? Well in this post I will let you know which models you should look to get and which ones you … Read more