Metrojet plane crash

The world we are living in is a very scary place. I am sure you have all read about the Metrojet plane crash. An Airbus A321 plane carrying innocent people from Egypt to Russia was most likely blown out of the sky by terrorists. This was a plane full of people of all ages just … Read more

Wings Alliance

wings alliance

Great news for us modular flight students. The modular schools are coming together to offer something similar to what the big integrated schools do. Under the Wings Alliance students can train via the modular route and benefit from airline links just like the integrated school courses do. The wings route will also have a MPP … Read more

Which GoPro to buy for flying


It seems the must have accessory these days when doing any kind of action activity is the very versatile GoPro camera. However with many models available you may ask which GoPro to buy for flying? Well in this post I will let you know which models you should look to get and which ones you … Read more

Career change to pilot

a319 easyjet

I currently have a pretty good job, I work in IT something I have done since leaving university. I earn a good enough salary and would actually most likely be taking a pay cut to become a pilot after all the training is done. Why am I looking to make a career change to pilot? … Read more

Which UK airlines have aircraft on order


As a trainee pilot, vital information is how many aircraft the airlines you want to work for are ordering and when. While not all aircraft will go towards expansion, some will which in turn will create more pilot jobs that you can hopefully fill someday. As of 1/10/2015 this is a list of which UK … Read more