CPL ME IR: Week 10

CPL ME IR: Week 10 has been quite a good one.

The good news is that I am now finished with the simulator which is a massive relief. I felt I improved drastically in the last few sim sessions and my instructor agreed so that was nice.
I have now moved onto the IR course in the aircraft. So far I have flown 5 hours and we spent the time doing SID’s RNAV approaches and holding.
I find that the approach is “easier” to fly in the actual aircraft than it was in the sim, but at the same time, it was a nice day without much crosswind so we shall see as the training progresses.
There is a weird situation at the moment that all 3 P2006T’s are in maintenance at the same time until Monday at the earliest but more likely Tuesday. On top of this, my IR instructor (who is the same person I had in the sim) is away from Tuesday to Saturday of next week.
I was offered the opportunity to switch to someone else but as we have done so much training together recently I would prefer to stay with him. The reason for this is that he knows my weaknesses and knows what I really need refinement with.
For this reason I have decided to return to the UK and take a break rather than sit around my room. I will most likely return to Poland on Friday of next week for the last push.
I will still have to study SOP’s, charts etc, but I can also fly the 4.5 hours I still need before I could sit the test.
I then hope that I can come back finish the training program in a week or so with a view of maybe squeezing a test in before the end of the month, but that depends on examiner availability and of course my progress.

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