Ebay is a pilots best friend

Ebay is a pilots best friend

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Flying is expensive, we all know that, so when we can save some money we should all jump at the chance to do so! There are great deals to be had out there on things that just don’t need to be purchased at full retail price. This is why Ebay is a pilots best friend!
Two recent things I have needed to purchase are a David Clark H10 13.4 headset. The best price I could find was around £300 at the online retailers.
I turned to Ebay and ended up getting a brand new set from for just £185 delivered, which of course is a huge saving on the retail price.
If you wanted to get a used one you could save another £50 or so on that price which would make it under half price.I am approaching the navigation stage of my training and I need a CRP computer. As I plan to go straight onto my ATPL after my PPL I needed the CRP 5 over the CRP 1.
I had a look online and the best price I could find was around £70. For me for something that looks like a few bits of rotating plastic this seems to be a lot of money.
Once again I turned to Ebay and after missing out on a few, I got a brand new one for the sum of £37 which is a lot more reasonable and considering the amount of use it will be getting over the 2 years, it will be a massive bargain!
Over the two products I have saved almost enough money for a flying lesson which of course is great.
Before you splash out on brand new equipment from the retail stores you should check sites like eBay, amazon used and forums, all of which may provide you with a bargain compared to what you was thinking of paying.

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