Getting the night rating in the licence 

So after doing the night rating course and getting the sign off, the next job was getting the night rating in the licence.

The day started at 6:45 as I heard it’s best to get to the CAA early as the later you leave it the longer the queues.
Yeah well, that didn’t work as by the time I got there at 8:20 (10 mins before opening) I was number 7 in the queue!
Anyway I sat down and anxious kept an eye on my email box as I was awaiting my first ATPL exam results. The wait turned out to not be that bad and after an hour I was seen to by a lady, so result! She needed my course completion certificate from the school, my licence and my medical and after about 15 mins she return to me as it was all done.
Being the CAA there is of course a extortionate charge to reprint an A4 licence and put some details in a computer. Can you guess the cost? £20? maybe £30? Oh no £88. Yup, how they arrive at that price I have no idea but what can you do! At least my new bit of A4 says “night” on it.
So all in all a reasonably fast process and if you live near Gatwick it is a much better idea then sending all your documents down and the risks that involves such as your log book getting lost in the mail etc.
I don’t see me doing much night flying going forward but it is always nice to have the training behind me if I ever need it.

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