I bought a plane

I bought a plane! Well that is slightly misleading, I brought 1/15th of a plane so like the wheels or something.

I am now the proud 1/15th owner of a C150E that is based just down the road from me located at RAF Henlow.
I had been looking for a plane locally for a while, I seem to be in an area where there are not that many shares located (or that become available).
It is an old but well equipped plane with manual flaps but more importantly the radio has already been changed for a 8.33 one and the transponder is mode S.
On top of this it has a recent engine overhaul and there is only 700 hours on the engine in total.
The share cost me £1500 (£250 admin fee) and the monthly costs are £60 (membership of the club, insurance, hangarage etc).
The flying rate is £65 per tacho hour and £7 landing fee.
As you can see this will provide me with really cheap flying which is great as I still have a good 70 hours to build before I can start my CPL ME IR course next year (and I plan to keep up my SEP anyways after I am done).
This is really going to help me with my hour building as the current plane I am in is located anything from 2-3 hours from me. With so many hours to build, I need a plane that I can take a half day of from work when the weather is nice and build 2 hours or so without much hassle, which this allows.
I look forward improving my flying and getting more experienced while flying this plane.

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