Mentour Pilot Interview with A Modular Student

I came across these two great Mentour pilot interview with a modular student videos.
In these videos he talks to Daniel who was a modular student who went through the route at the age of 36 and he is now employed flying the 737 at the age of 41.
I make note of his age as some people on the internet will have you believe that if you are over 28 then you are over the hill and nobody will ever be interested in hiring you, which quite simply is not the case.
His process went like this –

  1. PPL.
  2. Distance ground school – He did this with Bristol Ground School.
  3. Hour Building – In the USA with a school called Florida Flyers.
  4. CPL / ME / IR – with Bartolini Air in Poland (A school I have never heard anything bad about).

It just goes to show if you want to do it, you can, age isn’t a barrier it can be done!
Anyway enough of me rambling on, here are the videos.

Part 1.

Part 2

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