Modular pilot training costs

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While training via the modular route is cheaper than integrated, it is still going to cost you in excess of £35,000.
In this post I will provide you with examples of modular pilot training costs. I will provide an example if you are prepared to go abroad for parts of it (cheaper) and also one if you wanted to do it all in the UK (more expensive).

Part of training abroad
PPL in the UK – £8,000
Night Rating  – £900
Distance learning ATPL ground school course and exam fees – £3400
Hour building in the US – £8000
CPL > MEP > IR – £13,500
MCC / JOC – £4000
Other expenses (hotels, flights etc) £3000
Total – £40,800
Possible type rating funding – £25,000
Total – £65,800

So this will cost you around 35-45k depending on what offers you can find at the time and where you go. This is just an example but I expect your costs to fall within this range. Savings can be had, for example, the night rating can be done within your PPL depending on the time of year.
Also you could save money on your PPL if you choose to do that abroad also.

Training all in the UK

PPL – £8000
Night Rating – £900
Distance learning and exam fees – £3400
Hour building – £16,800
CPL / ME / IR – £27,902
MCC / JOC – £4000
Other expenses – £3000
Total – £64,002
Possible type rating £25,000
Total – £89,000

As you can see, the cost of training solely in the UK is a lot higher than if you went to the US for hour building and Europe for CPL / ME / IR.
I would expect this cost to be in the range of +/- 5k either side of the total figure.
It will depend on your personal circumstances as to if the extra cost of training in the UK is worth while (family life, current job etc), however the difference between the two will almost pay for your type rating!
Both of these modular pilot training costs are just examples of course, and you may find that it’s a little bit cheaper or a little bit more expensive as all schools charge different prices.
Hopefully this will give you some insight into the modular pilot training costs, so you know how much to budget for.

Thinking of training via the modular route? Or started and still have questions? Then read The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide.

The essential flight training guide

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2 thoughts on “Modular pilot training costs”

  1. I’ve read that when applying for your first role as a pilot the airlines don’t look too favourably on modular students have done their training at multiple flight schools. They seem to see two flights schools + your one ground school as the maximum, with anything above this highlighting possible issues in the continuity of your training.
    Is this something you believe to be true or is it possible to follow the cheapest route by training in the UK, USA and Europe??

    • Hi Liam, there is truth to that but when they say that they are talking about your commercial training not your initial PPL.
      So if you can do your CPL ME/IR at the same school.
      You can do your initial PPL and ground school in the UK, hour build in the USA and do your commercial training at the same school in Europe if you wish.


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