Night Rating Lesson 4: Dual Circuits

So after a month of trying and failing due to the weather I finally got up to the school for night rating lesson 4: dual circuits.
night rating lesson 2
I only had 20 minutes of time required to complete the course but the school apparently has a 30 min minimum time that you have to fly, so we did just that. I decided to just finish it dual as I hadn’t flown in a month and as I was paying for an instructor I might as well use him.
We went out to the plane and I got to test my Bose A20’s that I had purchased a month ago but have had zero chance to use. It took some getting used to how much more quiet the engine was and I’m sure they will do wonders to protect my ears over the next few years. I will talk about that in more detail in a future post however.
We taxied out to runway 21 which had a slight crosswind from the right but nothing too serious. I did three circuits in total before landing and returning back to the school pretty much bang on 30 minutes later.
You then have a paperwork exercise that the CFI needs to do filling in total time and signing your course completion certificate etc.
After the long wait for my PPL issue I think I will drive to Gatwick and use the counter service to have this added as that should be a same day service. However with Xmas and exams in the first week of January I doubt I will be doing this before mid January, but at least the night rating is now complete.
For me this was something I completed as it was a CPL requirement, I doubt I will be doing much night flying in a single engine piston to be honest.


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