PPL lesson 13 & 14: Circuits


Today I was back up at the airfield for PPL lesson 13 & 14 at Cranfield flying school.
For once we had a very nice day without heavy wind blowing my plane all over the place. This was the first time I have managed to do some circuits in calm weather.
Building on from the lesson yesterday the main thing was to really keep working on my flair and make sure that is perfect.
I also spent last night hammering my checks into my brain so I was also doing my circuits while calling out my checks.
In fact I was flying the circuit with little to no input from my instructor which is good. This means that I am getting better and we are just fine tuning my flying before I go solo.
We managed 6 touch and go’s with each one getting progressively better and better which of course is good to see.
I then went back to the ground school and went over the lesson in my head.
We then went up again and my instructor put some unexpected events in. The first was a few forced landings where I need to set the plane up for maximum speed then pick a field where I would land.
Next up air traffic actually did my instructors job for me with a few orbits and a couple of extended downwind segments.
I finally seem to have the flair sorted. I’m glad that I booked so many lessons this weekend as this helped me get over the fact I haven’t flown for over 3 weeks.
The flair has been getting better and better over the last two days and in the final sessions I would say out of the 6 I did, only one could be described as “firm”.
My issue was that I was trying to flair to early, as soon as I crossed the threshold which was too high. I now have a much better idea of what the height I should be flaring is.
My instructor said to me that the consistency is now at solo standard and he is going to check next week and then I could be looking at my first solo!
It helped a lot today that I didn’t have heavy wind to deal with but now I feel I am able to deal with it.
I have two lessons booked next weekend, lets hope the weather plays ball!
I also got a good amount of time with my new David Clark H10-13.4’s so I will be reviewing them shortly.

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