PPL Lesson 15: Circuits

Looking Down

After trying to fly twice and failing due to issues with the plane, after a two-week gap I finally got up in the air for PPL lesson 15: Circuits.
I have been on the verge of my solo for ages now but every time I fly the weather or faulty aircraft seem to give me a two-week gap and I have to do another lesson of consolidation.
This lesson would prove to be no different.
To start the lesson of I did three normal circuits to familiarise myself, then we did another three with no flaps (flapless) then my instructor showed me a short field landing.  Lastly we did 2 engine out landings where you glide back to the runway, which are actually quite fun.
If you have read my other lesson posts you will know it took me a while to get the hang of my flair, but it seems to be set in stone now and I have the flare down.
All the landings were nice and gentle (granted a couple were not bang in the centre of the runway) but there were no more hard landings.
I am getting better at using my rudder when coming in for landing and I really need to start trimming the aircraft more as I am just making work a lot harder for myself by not doing so.
Anyways we went back inside and my instructor told me it is now time to go solo! Great I thought.
I had to go up with my original instructor but he noticed that some paperwork wasn’t in line. My current instructor had already left but came back to sort it out. It was during this time they realised that I actually need another 0.9 hours of stalling, then I need to do 3 circuits with the original instructor because the instructor I am learning from at the moment doesn’t have the authority to sign students of to go solo at the moment.
So once again fate determines it wasn’t to be, however on my next lesson I HAVE to be going solo. I’m not sure if anybody has been on the cusp of their first solo for so long.
With a bit of luck I will be making my solo post real soon!

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2 thoughts on “PPL Lesson 15: Circuits”

  1. Very frustrating for you, I’m sure – but it now really is a matter of time before you WILL be going solo. Patience is, after all, one of your strongest virtues…!


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