PPL lesson 23: Solo circuits

Coming into land
Today I came up to the school for PPL lesson 23: Solo circuits.
Out of all the lessons I have had so far,  lesson 23 is most defiantly the one that has thrown me the most challenges.
I went out to the plane and did the A check as I was the first one the fly today.
I finished the checks, obtained the ATIS then called approach.
First challenge,  we are using runway 03, I’ve only ever flown this runway 3 times (touch and go) and that was the week before.
The next challenge, they gave me a taxi clearance to runway 03 via taxiway Foxtrot. Taxi way what? Uh oh.
This is why I learnt how important it is to be prepared and organised, I had the airfield plate for Cranfield.
I flicked to my knee board and located it pretty fast.  Preparation is so important in this game!
I then did some circuits which apart from the first one where I over shot the turn for final and had to correct they were all pretty good, apart from the last one.
On the final circuit there was some major radio interference and I couldn’t hear anything! They asked me to switch to another frequency but when I made my radio calls I got no reply! Uh oh I’m ready to turn final now!
Should I indicate radio failure and set 7600 on the transponder?
It was an issue with someone flooding the frequency rather than an issue with the radio in my aircraft.
I switched back between the two,  Cranfield approach,  G-BOYB,  do you read me? Nothing!
I’m now on final one last try before I go around,  as I have no clearance!
Cranfield Approach G-BOYB,  on final, runway 03 to land.
A reply! Cleared to land runway 03.
Phew! Crises averted!
When I got back down after a quick chat with my instructor about what happened.
I then got some tutoring and took and passed my final exam Navigation with 75%.
To say I am glad the PPL exams are now over would be an understatement.
I will do a write-up on the last two exams like the others. These were without a doubt the most dificult two.

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