PPL Lesson 31: Solo Navigation

PPL Lesson 31: Solo Navigation

Following on from yesterdays lesson I had PPL Lesson 31: Solo Navigation.
View from the sky
I was back with Martin, my original instructor and we decided that it was time to get another solo navigation in.
He gave me the route, Cranfield -> Olney -> Grafham Water -> Chipping Warden -> Olney -> Cranfield.
I then set about planning my route. I wont go into much detail as it’s always the same.
Next I walked out to the plane and went through my checks, I got a taxi clearance to E1 and then was told to back track and take of from runway 21.
I took off cleared right turn VFR towards Olney and climbed to my cruising altitude of 2000ft (doesn’t sound as fancy as 36,000ft does it?).
From Olney I turned heading 069 towards Grafham Water, I estimated that this leg would take 10 minutes and had the check points of Bedford disused and Poddington along the route. I arrived at Grafham Water bang on time and then turned 247 to head towards Chipping Warden.
This was the longest leg and I worked out it would take 25 minutes to arrive. The halfway point was over flying the tip of Northampton and could see that I was going to be slightly late. By the time I arrived at Chipping Warden I was 5 minutes later than I had planned, that leg was pretty rocky. The wind I had planned was 190/20 but it might have changed and this might explain the extra 5 minutes. When I arrived I was slight to the right of my point but it was still within my view.
I then flew the heading of 100 to head back to Olney, this was a 13.5 min leg. This leg was uneventful and I arrived at Olney again bang on time. From Olney I requested the join for Cranfield and was told to join right base runway 21. I reported right base and was told to report final. I then report final and landed and taxied back to park on Echo after doing my after landing checks.
All in all it was a good day, my instructor told me that over the next two lessons we will practice the cross country qualifier route which will be Cranfield -> Leicester -> Gloucester -> Cranfield.

Edit – A closure of the M1 due to a lorry spilling it’s load on Saturday and the weather not being good enough on Sunday put an end to my flying. The new plan depending on if the weather is good enough is to fly the cross country qualifier with my instructor on Saturday and then to do it for real on Sunday! At the moment the forecast isn’t looking great but we shall see.

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