PPL Lesson 37: Slow flight and IMC

Hot on the heels of yesterdays lesson I had PPL Lesson 37: Slow Flight and IMC. As I am approaching my test I asked my instructor if we can go back over these maneuvers as it had been literally months since I had done any of them. We didn’t do a brief as I could remember what I had to do on the whole and we figured we would just sort it out in the air (that and time was starting to become against us).
Out the window

The airport has a shortage of air traffic controllers this weekend so we would have to be quick if we was to be back before the airport closed. We took off from Cranfield and headed to Little Staunton.
From here I climbed to 3500 and did a mixture of stall recovery at the first sign, full developed stalls, base configuration stalls and steep turns. It felt good to be doing this after so long and with the test approaching it was nice to get some practice in. On the way too and from the area where we did stalls I had the foggles on (foggy glasses) and had to fly on instruments which was a nice challenge. It’s not super hard, you just have to pay attention really.
We then headed back to the airfield by flying over Bedford before requesting the join for Cranfield where I then landed with just a few minutes to spare before the airport closed!
I am flying all next week so with a bit of luck I will also be taking my test towards the later part of the week.

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