PPL Lesson 40: Circuits, Stalls & PFL’s

My third lesson this week was PPL Lesson 40: Circuits, Stalls & PFL’s.
Looking out G-BLAC
I had done all of these things before but we are just fine tuning everything until I am ready to take my test. I was with the instructor from yesterday again today as my normal instructor doesn’t work Tuesday or Wednesday.
We took off and I did a standard circuit, not much to report here. Next time round there was an engine failure on take off, so I had to pick a field and pitch for 65, put the flaps in and make my decent into it. Once happy you then climb away and drag the flaps away.
I then did a flapless landing which is a little more work but not a huge amount. You add 5 knts to your normal speeds and manage the speed by keeping the nose up.
After this I did a precision landing which is where you are told what part of the runway to land in. This wasn’t a huge issue for me either.
We then headed away from Cranfield and climbed to around 3000ft so we could practice some stalls.
We did the base configuration turn which is where you configure as if you was on base, so flaps down, turning and then you bring the nose up. You MUST remember to put the nose down and power on before you roll the wings level. If you roll the wings level you fail the test!After this we did some VOR tracking, you set the frequency on the navigation radio and then listen to ident it (listen to the morse code).
You then use the control in the plane to tune either from or to the VOR depending if you are trying to fly to it or work out where you are away from it. If you are trying to locate your position you tune from the VOR and the fly the heading you get. You then tune another one and get a heading from that, at that point you can work out where they intersect so you can find out where you are.
We then headed back to Cranfield where I was hit with a PFL, I made the runway you will be glad to know!
I am back up at the school tomorrow for a bit more polishing up before I go for my test.

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