The weather means no flying


Once again the weather means no flying. The clouds are low, the visibility is bad and the winds are gusting up to 40 Kts.
I can’t work out what is more annoying, the fact that the weather is so bad or the fact that the media keeps giving these ‘storms’ names which seems to be a recent annoyance.
It is a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so I booked around 5 hours flying time to push me closer to my test. Unfortunately the weather restricted me to a grand total of 1 hour so just 20% of what I have booked.
In April there is one week where the airport will be closed and then the following weekend I have to work, which really sucks. I will try to get some mid week days of to make up for not being able to fly here.
Since there has been no flying, I took the time to update the theme on this blog which I think looks a lot better and more modern.
On top of this I did a plan for my next navigation which is Cranfield -> Conington -> Sywell -> Cranfield, which with a bit of luck will be next week Friday.
Again, it is very frustrating when the weather brings an end to your plans and it is very hard to plan ahead. I have mentioned before my frustrations with learning in the UK for this very reason and if I was doing it again I would think about going abroad. I am hoping now that we are heading into the spring that these weather issues will become a thing of the past.
I am up to 30 hours now and the minimum to take the test is 45 so if I can make minimums then in 2-3 months time I should be ready, especially if I can get some days of work booked to go fly.
I am also working on brushing up on my radio work as I will also have to take a radio telephony exam before I send of for my license. Well actually that is not true, you can send it of without the radio telephony pass but I would prefer to get it all done at the same time.

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