Which memory card (MicroSD) for GoPro cameras?

Lets face it, most of us are going to get a GoPro or some form of action camera at some point. I say a, I currently have 2 GoPro’s and one Yi camera. But the question you will soon find yourself asking is which memory card (MicroSd) for GoPro cameras. I figured I would put together a quick list for which cards you should be looking at.
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I personally think you should only buy the 64GB + cards as believe you mean, you will need the space when recording.
Please bear in mind the internet is full of fake SD cards that will fail to live up to the performance of their real counterparts. Please only buy your cards from respected retailers who you know are going to sell you original cards.

4k Video / 2.7K
If you are shooting your footage at 4k then it would be best to go with the high-end cards with guaranteed fast read / write speeds. Now this does not mean that a slower card will not work, it just means these cards will for sure.

  1. Sandisk Extreme – This card will give you up to 90MB read and 40MB write, it is also UHS-3 certified which means it is good for 4k video. GoPro have also certified this card for use with their cameras.
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  2. Lexar 633x – This card from Lexar has is UHS-1 certified and Lexar and GoPro both confirm it is plenty fast for your 4k needs.
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  3. Toshiba Exceria M302 – This card from Toshiba is much cheaper than the other two on this list but is UHS-3 certified which means it is plenty fast for 4k video.
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1080p / 1440p
The truth of the matter is you need a fast card but you don’t need as fast of a card when capturing 1080p footage, so you can make a cost saving from the ultra high-end microSD cards.

  1. Samsung Evo – This card is a great choice for 1080p video and even possibly 4k. The older version was certified by GoPro and best of all this card is just over half the price of the high-end cards. This card is UHS-1 certified which means it is compatible with 1080p recording.
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  2. Sandisk Ultra – Another card from Sandisk that is ideal for 1080p shooting. A similar price to the Samsung EVO also so you can choose the card you prefer. This card is also UHS-1 certified.
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So you have two great choice for the different video standards, if you are going to choose a different card then make sure the card is at least a class 10 card otherwise it may just be too slow to keep up with the demands of constant video recording. However ever as all cards have different speeds, if it isn’t on this list make sure you do some research.


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