Why flight training needs to embrace GPS

Why flight training needs to embrace GPS

One thing that I have always found weird is that despite the technology we have at our disposal, flight training at least at PPL level has a reluctance to embrace GPS and uses a training system that was designed well before these modern technologies existed. So this is why flight training needs to embrace GPS.
Now don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the importance of dead reckoning and map reading skills and yes they most defiantly should still feature heavily in the learning process. However GPS isn’t going away and it is here to stay, so why are we not being taught how to use it properly?
Of course following a magenta line on the screen is not how we should learn to fly, however in the UK at least there is so much restricted airspace and with the CAA now announcing that you may lose your licence if you stray into it, why should we take any risks?
There are free and paid for options that would be able to help us avoid this all together.
When you are lost temporarily unsure of position 🙂 the workload in the cockpit goes up as you are trying to work out where exactly you are. Obviously map reading skills are still essential and should your GPS fail you still need to be able to work out where you are, but doesn’t it make more sense to take a quick look at the GPS and know exactly where you are?
It just seems to me at least, rather than resist these aides, and they are just that, aides to the tried and tested methods. The training should be redesigned to incorporate them alongside what we are already taught.
Also a few flights with no GPS to keep skills sharp would also make sense knowing that if something did go wrong, you could just flick it on.
I see no reason in modern time to set of into unfamiliar airspace without some form of GPS, I mean we all carry a phone with us that has a GPS chipset so why not use it? The technology and apps are out there.

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