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Wings Alliance

wings alliance

Great news for us modular flight students. The modular schools are coming together to offer something similar to what the big integrated schools do.
Under the Wings Alliance students can train via the modular route and benefit from airline links just like the integrated school courses do.
The wings route will also have a MPP (Mentored Pilot Program) of it’s own where the schools who are signed up can recommend students who meet the requirements to the partner airlines.
The Wings Alliance say that the training via the modular route can be 70% of the cost of integrated training. I think that is a conservative estimate and I would say it can be at least 50% of the cost.
BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association) had this to say about the Wings Alliance.

BALPA supports initiatives that open up the training options for aspiring pilots. The Modular route gives students the same licence as integrated programmes, but gives them flexibility because it allows them to complete sections of the course at a time, and pace that suits them and their finances.

The following schools are members of Wings Alliance in the UK.

  • Aeros Flight Training
  • Airways Flight Training
  • Bartolini Air
  • Bristol Ground School
  • Cardiff Aviation
  • Multiflight
  • Stapleford Flight Center
  • Tayside Aviation
  • Ultimate Flight

Abroad the following schools have signed up

  • Ayla Aviation in Jordan
  • Bartolini Air in Poland
  • Egnatia Aviation in Greece
  • Hubair in France
  • Orbit Groundschool in Holland

It will be interesting to see how this program develops over the next few months as more details are released and more modular schools sign up.

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