About me

My name is Keelan and this is the blog I created when starting my flight training.
I remember when I was looking into the modular route I was struggling to find a guide from start to end and it was all a bit confusing. I thought, if I can’t find it, then I will create it, and this is the end results.
I completed my training over the 3 years around a demanding full-time job. I have documented the entire thing on here, in fact, I personally believe it to be one of the most completed training logs available.
I now hold a fATPL (Frozen ATPL).
I plan to keep this online so anyone who is thinking about training via the modular route has full knowledge of what they are getting themselves in for and what they should expect.
The blog is searchable and also the posts are categorised by the different stages of the training.
If you want an all in one concise modular training guide then you should check out The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide which was created in response to the questions I would get from people thinking about training or in training.