The process

So now that you have read all about what I want to do let me document the process of how I will go about it.
I plan to start a blog to keep everyone updated throughout the process, I feel this will be a good reference when all said is done for future pilots coming through.

If you want to know more about the process you can read The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide

  1. Get a class 1 medical. I see no issues in being issued this as a young and fit male however very early on I will go and get this done. The reason is, if you can’t get this issued then the dream is over, you cannot get to the cockpit without this document. This makes sure that you are actually fit to fly and have no undiagnosed medical issues.
  2. Start modular training. I will follow the modular route full time with the aim to complete it and have an fATPL within 36 months of starting. I expect my route to look something like this.
    PPL in the UK
    Night Rating
    Distance learning ATPL ground school course and exam fees
    Hour building
    CPL > MEP > IR
    MCC / JOC

    Click here to see my costs so far.

The process as you can see is quite straight forward, I anticipate it will take around 36 months from the first lesson to the issue of the FATPL (Frozen Air Transport Pilots Licence).