Post training update

It’s been a while and a few of you have messaged to see what the latest is, so I thought I would give a quick post training update.
c150 local
No good news to report yet, unfortunately, the hunt still continues. To be honest, there probably won’t be many updates until there is a development of some sort to report on.
The one thing I must say is I have met some many great guys and girls during my training who all deserve jobs of their own, so the competition per role is sky high.
Some tips that I can suggest from my first few months, however.
1. When you get a sim assessment, do a sim prep a few days before your assessment. This allows you to have time to practice it before the big day. You don’t want the first time you are doing something to be on an actual simulator assessment.
2. Keep your practicing on a home simulator. After finishing my training it was 3 months before my MCC / JOC. You will be surprised how quickly things like your scan and your “feel” for flying goes.
I now make sure I “fly” in a simulator every few days at least to try to prevent the erosion of the scan and the flying skills.
3. When picking a JOC in particular, ask how much raw data IR flying you will do and if you will cover airline profiles. While the scenario based MCC flown on autopilot are great, it is not actually what the airlines are asking you to do on an assessment. A JOC that covers the raw data profiles in detail will set you up much better for success.
Apart from this, I wouldn’t expect much updates unless I do an exciting trip on my SEP, land something or think of a post that may be helpful for people coming up behind me.

My first flight since my CPL ME IR

So after returning from Poland, I had my first flight since my CPL ME IR.
c150 local
For many reasons I have not been able to get in the air since. First the weather was not playing ball, then I had to have surgery which meant that my medical was suspended.
However, after finally getting it back it was time to get flying again!
I booked the Cessna 150 just for a few hours to remove the rust and get currency for the hopefully upcoming better weather.
I took a little bit of time the night before just to go over flying the Cessna again as I had mainly been flying the Tecnam P2008 and P2006T most recently on my CPL ME IR course.
I arrived at RAF Henlow and started with 2 circuits and like riding a bike, It all started coming back. It took me a minute to remember to call downwind as in Poland we were taught to call before base. I am not sure what the reason for that is as I believe downwind makes more sense.
The landings were not bad but the second one was definetly better than the first.
After this I set out into the local area, up towards Gratham water, down towards Bedford and finally back into Henlow joining long finals on runway 13.
I must admit it felt amazing to be back up and I am now looking forward to starting my MCC in just over 2 weeks.
Now, time for some study for the upcoming MCC / Course and brushing up on my technical knowledge.