CPR ME IR: Week 12


Another busy week, so here is the recap of CPL ME IR: Week 12. So this week has been very busy. I have completed the training for both the IR and the CPL complex. For the CPL complex, we did a navigation flight and also practiced stalls and unusual attitudes. We then did a flight … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 11


Not much to say as I was away for most of it, but this is the update from CPL ME IR: Week 11. So I was back in the UK for a week as my instructor was going to be away and the twins were all in maintenance. It was probably a good thing I … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 10


CPL ME IR: Week 10 has been quite a good one. The good news is that I am now finished with the simulator which is a massive relief. I felt I improved drastically in the last few sim sessions and my instructor agreed so that was nice. I have now moved onto the IR course … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 9

P2006 Simulator

It’s been a pretty busy week in the simulator, so here is a catch up of CPL ME IR: Week 9 So I am glad to report that my simulator training is back on track and has taken a 180 in the right direction under a new instructor. I would say the training is harder, … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 8

Local area flights

Another week down so here is my thoughts on CPL ME IR: Week 8 I am a bit late on updating what happened this week, but here we go. There is not really that much to say to be honest. I had a simulator session on Monday with a new instructor who was great, a … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 7

Bartolini Air

So here we are at CPL ME IR: Week 7 and to be totally honest with you, things are not going so well at the moment. So here is the thing, there is a simulator instructor who’s attitude to training is causing problems. This guy refuses to give you any training. I am trying to … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 6


I have now been in Poland a month and a half, so here is my recap of CPL ME IR: Week 6 So I have finished my CPL program this week. I must say that my instructor was great. We finished with a few navigation flights and then he did 5 hours with me in … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 5


A recap of CPL ME IR: Week 5. So this week I have started and almost completed my CPL. I believe I have 3 or so hours left to do. My instructor and I have flown everyday bar two, one where the weather was bad and the other which was his day off. It is … Read more

CPL ME IR: Week 4


I can’t believe I have already been here a month, this is crazy. Here is the update of CPL ME IR: Week 4. I have made very good progress this week as I have completed my MEP training. We did 4 flights of around 1.5 hours each. There is a lot going on in a … Read more