Getting the night rating in the licenceĀ 

So after doing the night rating course and getting the sign off, the next job was getting the night rating in the licence. The day started at 6:45 as I heard it’s best to get to the CAA early as the later you leave it the longer the queues. Yeah well, that didn’t work as … Read moreGetting the night rating in the licenceĀ 

Night Rating Lesson 4: Dual Circuits

So after a month of trying and failing due to the weather I finally got up to the school for night rating lesson 4: dual circuits. I only had 20 minutes of time required to complete the course but the school apparently has a 30 min minimum time that you have to fly, so we … Read moreNight Rating Lesson 4: Dual Circuits

Night Rating Lesson 3: Solo Circuits

I had a week off last week to attend the revision week for my first set of ATPL exams, so yesterday I had night rating lesson 3: solo circuits. My instructor and I had managed to do 3.3 hours in the last 2 lessons so it was possible that the night rating could have been … Read moreNight Rating Lesson 3: Solo Circuits

Night Rating: Lesson 2

night rating lesson 2

Following hot on the heals of yesterdays lesson I was back up the airfield today for night rating: lesson 2. I took the picture above at the start of night and within about 5 mins it was pretty much totally black. This lesson we wanted to focus on the circuits so we took of and … Read moreNight Rating: Lesson 2

Night Rating: Lesson 1

Now that the nights are dark I have decided it is time to get signed of for flying in the dark, so yesterday I had Night Rating: Lesson 1. So the first thing you can see from the picture is that it is dark, really dark. The only things that are really available to navigate … Read moreNight Rating: Lesson 1