My PPL licence has arrived!

Yesterday I got home to see that my PPL licence has arrived! After being told my PPL initial issue was on hold,  I called the CAA on Tuesday and they told me that I could expect the licence within 4-5 working days. I then sent an email to the lady who requested me to provide … Read more

PPL inital issue on hold

So today I got an email from the Caa stating that my PPL initial issue is on hold. This is very frustrating for me because the two reasons that are given, neither  of them are my fault and on top of this they are basically putting my application  (which has already been three weeks) to … Read more

Skills refresh

piper pa 28

So after passing the PPL skills test yesterday, I went back up the to the flying school today for a skills refresh. This will be a quick post as there isn’t really that much to say and it is just a way to closing out the PPL section of my training. There wasn’t much to … Read more

PPL Skills Test

Wow, the day that I have been building up to for so long arrived, the PPL skills test. To say I was a bag of nerves was an understatement and that reared its head in my flying. I only found out the test was defiantly on around 1.5 hours before I was due to take … Read more

PPL Lesson 41: Pre test bush up

G-BOYB and instructors

Just a quick post from me today as I had PPL Lesson 41: Pre test bush up. I just went over a few things today that I wanted to go through before going for my test. I had a list of things that I wanted to work through one last time before going for my … Read more

PPL Lesson 40: Circuits, Stalls & PFL’s

My third lesson this week was PPL Lesson 40: Circuits, Stalls & PFL’s. I had done all of these things before but we are just fine tuning everything until I am ready to take my test. I was with the instructor from yesterday again today as my normal instructor doesn’t work Tuesday or Wednesday. We … Read more

PPL Lesson 39: Profiles

G-BMVB 030516

Today I went up the airfield and had PPL Lesson 39: Profiles. I am not sure why they are called profiles as it was really just a mock of the navigation part of the test. I was with another new instructor today as my regular one does not work Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I have seen … Read more

PPL Lesson 37: Slow flight and IMC

Hot on the heels of yesterdays lesson I had PPL Lesson 37: Slow Flight and IMC. As I am approaching my test I asked my instructor if we can go back over these maneuvers as it had been literally months since I had done any of them. We didn’t do a brief as I could … Read more

How to pass your Radio Telephony Exam

I wanted to write this post on how to pass your radio telephony exam as it was an exam I was worried about before I took it, but it really wasn’t that bad. I wrote this post on what to use to study for your radio telephony exam. The information in that post is still … Read more