Costs so far

I will use this page for ongoing costs of my flight training, this is a good way for everybody to see what is involved. Flight training is expensive but I am going modular to keep the costs as low as I possibly can.  I am going to try to learn to fly for as little as possible but with quality training. I expect to spend somewhere around £41,000.
These are the costs so far.

ExpenseQuantity Cost Total
PPL Lessons, PPL Skills Test, examiner fee, Radio Telephony Exam & licence issue fee.187488748
Night Rating & Licence fee11048.951048.95
Hour Building UK15744.605744.6
Share in a C150115001500
Monthly costs in share plane (year from November)1720720
Hour building in Share aircraft (28.2 hours)11799.891799.89
Landing Fees1118118
Bose A20 & David Clark Headset Model H10-13.4 & Bag1701701
Map, Ruler, Protractor, Kneeboard, log book & CRP 5, EASA Private Pilot Studies, practice tests, ground tuition & exam fees1363363
ATPL Theory, exams, question bank & B&B's.136913691
CPL ME IR, Licence issue fee, accommodation and living costs. 11780017800
MCC / JOC126952695