Costs so far

I will use this page for ongoing costs of my flight training, this is a good way for everybody to see what is involved. Flight training is expensive but I am going modular to keep the costs as low as I possibly can.  I am going to try to learn to fly for as little as possible but with quality training. I expect to spend somewhere around £41,000.
These are the costs so far.

If you are thinking about training via the modular route then read The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide.

ExpenseQuantity Cost Total
PPL Lessons, PPL Skills Test, examiner fee, Radio Telephony Exam & licence issue fee.187488748
Night Rating & Licence fee11048.951048.95
Hour Building UK15744.605744.6
Share in a C150115001500
Monthly costs in share plane (year from November)1720720
Hour building in Share aircraft (28.2 hours)11799.891799.89
Landing Fees1118118
Bose A20 & David Clark Headset Model H10-13.4 & Bag1701701
Map, Ruler, Protractor, Kneeboard, log book & CRP 5, EASA Private Pilot Studies, practice tests, ground tuition & exam fees1363363
ATPL Theory, exams, question bank & B&B's.136913691
CPL ME IR, Licence issue fee, accommodation and living costs. 11780017800
MCC / JOC126952695
Advanced UPRT118951895