Integrated flight training is not worth it

Another year and another post on why integrated flight training is not worth it. Over the past 2 months, two of the more prominent integrated schools have fallen into administration. Tayside Aviation and just this week FTA Global have both gone into administration taking their former student’s money with them. There are reports of people … Read more

Flight Training with COVID-19

So out of nowhere, COVID-19 has come and hit aviation like a Steamroller, which leaves trainee pilots to make some serious decisions in regards to flight training with COVID-19. We are in an unprecedented time where most airline fleets are grounded, staff are furloughed and unfortunately, airlines are going into administration. So where does this … Read more

Advanced UPRT training at CRM Europe


From the 20th December 2019, Advanced UPRT training became mandatory for all pilots starting their first type rating. This training course needs to be done on an aircraft with a suitable instructor. Luckily CRM Aviation, where I did my MCC/JOC are one of the few schools in Europe to offer this training. So this is … Read more

UK ATPL pass rates for 16/17 and 17/18

Navigation planning

So someone had the genius idea of submitting a freedom of information request for the UK ATPL pass rates for 16/17 and 17/18 from the UK CAA. The UK CAA doesn’t publish this information so it is probably the first time this information has been shared, well at least publically anyways. I thought I would … Read more

The cheapest way to hour build

Another subject that has come up recently was what is the cheapest way to hour build was, so in this post I will explain the options. Flying School So the first option and the most “familiar” will be to rent a plane from the school that you learnt at. Now I am going to say … Read more

Modular Flight Training

Modular Flight Training Recently I have been getting contacted by people with the same concern. They want to be a pilot but they cannot afford the £80,000 – £120,000 price that they have been seeing for the training. Some have asked how I find such huge amounts to do my training. I always reply the … Read more

Choosing a flight instructor

As trainee’s we all need someone we trust to teach us how to fly, in this post we will go over choosing a flight instructor. From my time flying, there are 3 distinct groups that flight instructors fall into each with different positives and negatives which we will go over. Career flight instructors – In … Read more

Should I change my flight instructor?

Sometimes training doesn’t work out like you think it should and you start to wonder, should I change my flight instructor? Above all you need to keep in mind that this is a business transaction. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason with the instructor you have, then you do not have to fly with … Read more