Flight Training with COVID-19

So out of nowhere, COVID-19 has come and hit aviation like a Steamroller, which leaves trainee pilots to make some serious decisions in regards to flight training with COVID-19. We are in an unprecedented time where most airline fleets are grounded, staff are furloughed and unfortunately, airlines are going into administration. So where does this … Read more

The End

Hi all, it has been quite a ride over the last 3 years or so but unfortunately, this is going to be the end, at least for now. To be honest I planned this to be something that I could look back on myself when my training was done. The fact that other people actually … Read more

Advanced UPRT training at CRM Europe


From the 20th December 2019, Advanced UPRT training became mandatory for all pilots starting their first type rating. This training course needs to be done on an aircraft with a suitable instructor. Luckily CRM Aviation, where I did my MCC/JOC are one of the few schools in Europe to offer this training. So this is … Read more

ME IR Revalidation

CRM Aviation Simulator

I can’t believe that it has already been a year since I passed my ME IR, this means that it was time for a ME IR Revalidation. First up, what’s the difference between a revalidation and a renewal? Well if your IR is still valid, every other year EASA allows you to do a skills … Read more

Quick update

Brighton en route to Lydd

Hi all, I am humbled by the number of messages I have received asking how I am and what is happening. I know this blog has been quiet (ok dead) for the last few months but the please rest assured that I have more updates to come and news that I hope to be able … Read more

Post training update

c150 local

It’s been a while and a few of you have messaged to see what the latest is, so I thought I would give a quick post training update. No good news to report yet, unfortunately, the hunt still continues. To be honest, there probably won’t be many updates until there is a development of some … Read more

MCC/JOC at CRM Aviation Europe

CRM Aviation Simulator

So for the last two weeks, I have been on my MCC/JOC at CRM Aviation Europe down at White Waltham airfield. I must admit I have very much enjoyed the course, even more so as I have been waiting so long for it. The instructors are a mixture of British Midland, British Airways and Virgin … Read more