How to pass the ATPL theory exams

Navigation planning

Well, this post has been a long time coming, this is my advice on how to pass the ATPL theory exams. To be honest, I wasn’t even totally sure that I was even going to get to write this post due to having 1 exam to pass on my last sitting. However, things went well … Read more

ATPL Theory Month 25: POF Results

Hi everyone, a very quick update here for ATPL Theory Month 25: POF Results. POF – 81% I have been so stressed with this exam, I have been at it none stop for 8 weeks after failing it twice. However I feel I was much better prepared this time around and even after making a … Read more

ATPL Theory Month 24: POF


Just a quick update from ATPL theory month 24: POF There really isn’t much to say about it really. I have been going all out on what is my last exam trying to get my head around it all. If I am being honest I think POF got a little neglected, as first time Mass … Read more

ATPL Theory Month 20: Gnav, Pof, Flight Planning

Just a quick recap of ATPL Theory Month 20: Gnav, Pof, Flight Planning. It’s been pretty quiet from me simply because there hasn’t really been anything to say. As per usual the weather at this time of year has been shocking with low clouds, high winds, rain and snow. For this reason I haven’t actually … Read more

ATPL Theory Module 4 results

As I sat more exams this week here are my ATPL Theory Module 4 results. I must admit I am now at the point where I am pretty worn out, these exams seem to have been going on forever.  Anyways, I sat OPS, IFR comms and Gnav this week here. Operational Procedures – 84% I … Read more