The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide


A guide on the modular flight training route.

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I started this blog as a way to track my training and to create a start to finish guide for anyone who was training after me. I never for one minute imagined that so many people would contact me with questions of their own.
What is clear from the emails I am receiving, is that people are in need of guidance through the modular flight training route.
For this reason, I created an eBook called The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide.
This goal of this book is to guide you from start to finish and give you the tips and tricks you need to know when going through the training.
I made sure to cover all the questions that I was getting via this blog and much more.
The Essential Modular Flight Training Guide is designed to take you from being a novice to giving you a clear understanding of what to expect on modular flight training under EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) rules.
This guide will map out the entire route you need to take.
23,000+ words of essential information, written in simple english, designed to make your training go with ease and prepare you to become a commercial pilot.
There are many hints and tips in here that I wish I had when I was going through my training.

Table of contents
Basic Information
Headset Reviews
Radio Telephony
Night Rating
Hour Building
ATPL Exams
UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training)
Flight simulators
Completion & jobs.
Type Rating
Airline Assessments
Realistic Costs
Pilot Interviews

– High-quality PDF file.
– Can be printed.
– Available via download after your purchase.

You are paying upwards of £40,000 for your training, this book will help you keep the costs down and not spend unnecessary money.