ATPL Theory Month 25: POF Results

Hi everyone, a very quick update here for ATPL Theory Month 25: POF Results.

POF – 81%

I have been so stressed with this exam, I have been at it none stop for 8 weeks after failing it twice. However I feel I was much better prepared this time around and even after making a few silly mistakes I managed to pass.
I learnt all the calculations inside out so was very annoyed to see all new types (not new numbers) that I didn’t know how to answer.

However, 2 years after getting the material from Bristol, 18 months after sitting my first exam it is all over! I can have a life, time to see if I actually have any friends anymore…

Now I have 31 hours to build in a month so I am excited to get some flying done!

I will be back with my views on the ATPL’s soon, in the meantime  I have a Jepperson manual that needs to see fire!

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