CPL ME IR in one EASA state and Licence issued by another

CPL ME IR in one EASA state and Licence issued by another

So just a quick one as a couple of people have messaged me about doing your CPL ME IR in one EASA state and Licence issued by another.

PPL Licence

This is a straight forward one for once (feels weird saying that about anything to do with licencing in aviation) but it actually is. The licence is always issued by the state holds your class 1 medical.
As an example, you can be an Italian citizen, holding a Spanish class 1 medical and do your CPL ME IR training in Sweden. As long as you test with an EASA examiner, you just have to send your documents to the Spanish CAA and they will issue your licence.
Ok, I might be simplifying it a bit, there are documents you need to get and send to them on top of the skills test certificates, but the school you are with should sort all of these out. I remember the documents included the examiner’s licence, his medical, simulator certification, ATO authorisation etc.
Don’t stress it, these schools are all experienced with foreign students and will have done the process many times before. In fact, I would say the vast majority of these schools are now training foreign students, especially some of the larger ones.

Short and sweet … until next time.

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