Hour Building: First flight with a passenger

Yesterday was a big day for me, it was the first time I had the chance to take someone up with me, I did Hour Building: First flight with a passenger.
I was planning a navigation flight and land away to Leicester but the poor weather put a swift end to that.
I only managed to get two circuits in as the rain started to come in and it came in fast. On the second circuit I was just happy I was on final when the sky decided to open up as it was really hard to see. I had to change my call from a touch and go to a landing call.
I took my girlfriend Nadege up with me, who is a nervous flier, she doesn’t trust pilots with thousands of hours, but seems to trust me with a massive 50 😆
The weather situation sucks as I could see she was starting to get into it and was transitioning from being nervous to actually quite excited
It felt like a big achievement to finally be able to share aviation with people and I look forward to being able to take friends and family up over the next few months. Most of my hour building will be done in the US however but I should be able to fit in a few flights.
Anyways, here the videos if you fancy a watch.

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