Hour Building: Local Flight from Blackbushe

Jeez feels like forever since I have flown, so I was happy yesterday to do Hour Building: local flight from Blackbushe.
Blackbushe Feb18

I haven’t flown since the start of December which was starting to feel like ages now.
Blackbushe is a nice airport but quite frankly a pain in the butt to get to from Luton. Most of the time I spend more time in traffic than I do in the air once I get there.
I still had 7.6 (now 6) prepaid hours in the Cesnna down there that I need to burn off so I took a half day today and just flew around the local area before coming back and doing 3 circuits for currency.
I got there to find the plane finally has a new radio which is the same Trig TY96 as in the other C150 I fly which is a great little unit and very easy to use. Blackbushe are going to 8.33khz at the end of the month so this really is just in time.
The day was surprisingly beautiful, the winds were calm and the vis was pretty good. There’s not much to say about the actual flight as I didn’t go anywhere special.
The shareoplane that I have locally is still on it’s annual so if the weather holds up I am going to try and burn of some more (or all) of the hours I have left this month. As things stand Monday looks alright but as we all know these things forecasts change often.
While I still have hours here I need to get back over to Kemble which is one of my favourite airports.
1.6 hours done, 63.8 to go!

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