I booked my CPL ME IR course at Bartolini Air

So I have been looking at schools to do my CPL ME IR at and yesterday I booked my CPL ME IR course at Bartolini which will be starting in August 2018. The reason I have picked August 2018 is because I have until July 2018 to pass my ATPL exams. I figure that as I must have them passed by then (hopefully before) this would be a good time to pick for the training.

Shoreham to Cranfield
I know, it’s early but Bartolini are booked out like 7 months in advance so I figured I would pay my deposit now so the course is at least guaranteed for next summer. The deposit to reserve my place was €800 which worked out to be just over £700 which aint that bad.
I haven’t actually been to the school, which to be honest really is one of the no no’s but I have heard so many good things about them and my brothers friend went so I booked on the back of his recommendation. I will probably go and visit them later this year.

Why I choose Bartolini?

  1. Price – Bartolini seem to be the cheapest CPL ME IR course provider that I have found that have a good reputation. I mean the course still costs €17,500.00 which at today’s exchange rate is £14,763. Now this is much cheaper than anything I can find in the UK. The price here seems to be around £23,000 so as you can see it is a huge saving. Also the course at Bartolini includes aircraft rental for the tests and the landing fees which a lot of the courses here do not.
  2. Speed – Bartolini can do the training in as little as 8 weeks. Now I have a full time job which I may or may not have to give up to complete my course, so the less time to ask to have off the better really.
  3. Recommendations – My brothers friend who told me about the modular path went to Bartolini and couldn’t speak more highly of them. For this reason they were always right at the top of my list of schools to go to.
  4. Flexible – They have no issues splitting the course so you could go out and do say the CPL then go back in a few weeks and do the IR if needed.
  5. Placement record – The students are getting jobs, this means that the training has to be very good.
  6. Wings alliance member – Bartolini are part of the Wings Alliance and as I am a student at Bristol Ground School it made a lot of sense. By doing the training with Bartolini I will possibly be eligible for the Wings Alliance ARC course.
  7. Testing under UK CAA – The skills test can be done under a UK CAA examiner.

All in all Bartolini ticked a lot of boxes and I like the idea of going abroad for a few months to learn in some new airspace. On top of this I am looking forward to flying the Technam aircraft the P2006T twin and the P2002. This aircraft is maybe not as popular as others but they do seem to be modern planes.

Now just the small issue of 11 exams and lots of hour building to do first.

Edit, I have now completed this course – read about my CPL ME IR training.

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