Is MPL flight training worth it?


With all the options for flight training, Is MPL flight training worth it? After looking at the options available I would have to say that yes it is.
Now I am not going to get into the cost of such training, as I have covered the cost of flight training already. This is purely a look at the best way to get into the right hand seat of an aircraft. In fact I would say that MPL (Multi Crew Pilot Licence) training is only second to sponsored cadetship like the British Airways Future Pilot Programme. Sponsered cadetship is the best way into the flight deck however the issue with these schemes is they are rare and hugely over subscribed. For the lucky few they are the best way to learn to fly, however the fast majority well never be able to get on one and will need to look at another way.
MPL training differs from the ATPL Integrated route and the modular route in that it is sponsored by an airline from day one. This means that the airline will mentor your training and as long as you complete it to the required level you will go on to work for the airline. In the current climate this is just about as close as you will get to a guaranteed job. Airlines such as Virgin, Easyjet, Qatar, Flybe all offer such training here in the UK via the two big schools CTC Aviation and CAE Oxford (OAA).
As this is a good opportunity once again competition for this is very high and once again most people who apply are going to be unsuccessful. You just need to know this going in and do your best to try to impress.
MPL training is hugely expensive with the current costs being around £110,000 so for a lot of people this type of training is not possible. I also don’t think anybody should consider taking a loan for anywhere near that much money to earn a salary of £20,00-£35,000 and risk a house in the process. However should you be able to afford it, this is a good way into that right hand seat.

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