Using Skydemon Light and UK Airspace Avoid as a free GPS

Using Skydemon Light and UK Airspace Avoid as a free GPS

If you are just looking for a very basic GPS with NOTAM’s and airspace warnings there is actually a way to do this for free. I will provide a guide on Using Skydemon Light and UK Airspace Avoid as a free GPS.
For this guide I will be doing the demonstration using an iPad.

  1. First you open SkyDemon and plan your route by touching your waypoints and then moving the purple line should you wish.
    Plan route
  2. Next you want to set you height, speed and winds so you can get the corrected heading.
    plan route 2
  3. Then you want to export your route via email so you can import it into UK Airspace Avoid.
    export route from skydemon
  4. Send the email.
    export route skydemon to uk airspace aware
  5. Open the attachment and choose UK Airspace Avoid
    import route uk airspace aware
  6. UK Airspace Avoid will confirm your flightplan has been imported.
    import route uk airspace avoid
  7. Click the menu icon and choose load flightplan.
    import route uk airspace avoid
  8. Select your flightplan.
    select flight plan uk airspace avoid
  9. Your route is imported!
    imported route uk airspace avoid

Now personally I wouldn’t fly with JUST my GPS route like this, in fact, I wouldn’t even fly with this as my primary method of navigation. I would still use my map as my primary navigation (at the time of writing I am a PPL student so you do not use GPS) but having a GPS backup is in my opinion a good thing. It is the 21st century not 1956 and I think we should use all the tools that help us. I mean, who is still going on long road trips just using a map? Times change.
Everyone needs to know how to use a map for flying (no signs in the air) so you need to be able to navigate by using a map and features. However, have a GPS backup is most defiantly an aide! This will give you a very basic GPS with a few additional features, there are programs out there that provide way more functionality then you will get from this. They will provide approach plates, weather etc.

Anyways, safe landings 🙂 …. and accurate navigation.

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