ATPL Theory Month 19: Gnav, Pof, Flight Planning

With the Christmas period done this is a recap of ATPL Theory Month 19: Gnav, Pof, Flight Planning.
mod 3 progress

To be honest there’s not that much to say really. I sat 3 exams at the start of the month which were Operational Procedures, General Navigation and IFR comms. I passed IFR and Ops and failed Gnav.
After this I initially went back to study but I was so tired and burned out I decided to have a rest for the first time. I did no study until the 27th December and may I say it felt great and was needed to be honest. My performance and retention of knowledge had started to fall of a cliff.
This means that the 3 exams I have left are Gnav (resit) Pof (resit) & flight planning.
I am going to do my best to try to be ready to sit these in March which gives me just over 9 weeks to get exam ready. If needed ill push them to April but really I want to try and get these done in March.
I am going to try to study 5-6 days a week and cut out as many distractions as I can aka (tv, youtube, whatsapp, twitter, etc) however I can’t study in complete silence so some music on quietly in the background is essential for me.
I have only done one flight this month due to the weather so hopefully if I can pass these exams in March I can focus on actually doing some flying. As much as learning what convention deals with lost baggage is, I much prefer the flying side of things.
Hopefully the light at the end of tunnel is now getting pretty close.

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5 thoughts on “ATPL Theory Month 19: Gnav, Pof, Flight Planning”

  1. Hi, Iā€™m following you since the beginning of my training. Iā€™m a bit behind you, but I feel the same thing about the weather. I live in North of France and the weather is rubbish at the moment. I will sit Mod 2 exams in March too (from 12th to 15th). All the best in the future and hopefully we will meet one day ?

    • Hey Manuel, how many hours have you got left to do? I’m sorry you are having the same weather issues, let’s hope next year is better for us.
      I wish you the best of luck with your exams and I’m sure our paths will cross at some point šŸ™‚
      Happy new year!

  2. Hi, Happy New Year šŸ˜‰
    I still need 75 hours before the start of my CPL/ME/IR at Bartolini in October. The weather got the be better by then šŸ™‚ I’m going to spend the next summer in south of France, hopefully I will be able to get a better weather to finish off my flight time. Looking forward to fly abroad too, once I’d get my LPR šŸ™‚

    • Yes indeed but all it takes is a few good weeks of weather and you can get them done, I guess you just need to be flexible.
      Going to the south of France will give you the time or though.
      Just had a look at your blog very nice keep it up!


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