ATPL Theory Month 23: Sitting 5 Results

Last month was a bit hectic so I didn’t get a chance to do this update. On top of this I sat exams all this week, so here are the ATPL theory month 23: sitting 5 results.

G-ASYP Milton Keynes

GNAV – 78% – I am so relieved to have passed this exam, I dunno why but I have found it very hard and having failed it first time round it is a relief to have it over with.
My brain just doesn’t seem to care for convergency or departure etc but seems I got it together just enough to pass this exam.

Flight Planning – 77% – There was two fuel penalty questions in this exam that I have never seen before and quite frankly were impossible for me to solve due to having no practice. I don’t see anything in the material about them either, apparently it is a new question type. To top this off they were each worth 3 marks each, so not ideal.
Aside from this the exam was pretty fair, with PSR, PET, GAMMA, RCF, 1.3 Trip etc questions.

POF – 70% – Gutted. To get 70% AGAIN on my 5th sitting is not ideal. In fact it sucks! This is now my last exam and I have until July to pass it. For this reason I am not going to rush. I am going to sit it at the start of July, which gives me two months to focus on only POF. I am going to learn this subject inside out!
There were 2 questions which made no sense whatsoever (they seemed to be translated) but I am not going to waste my time (or money) on an appeal.
I dunno what is going on with POF but I know 2 guys who have failed 3 times and one who has failed 2 like me. I guess I’m not the only one who’s struggling. However to be so close really, really sucks. It’s like two questions away.

So yeah 1 exam left, 1 sitting left. I am pretty down at the moment but it could be a lot worse. I just need to become the master of POF in the next two months. I have some accelerator days left at Bristol so I might use one up if I’m struggling.
Hopefully, it will be easier to grasp without the heavy work load of other subjects. I also had a lot going on with work which I think affected me a bit but that’s no real excuse.
Fingers crossed, because there is no possible way I could do all 14 exams again. It really doesn’t bear thinking about.

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8 thoughts on “ATPL Theory Month 23: Sitting 5 Results”

  1. Keep your chin up, I’ll sure you’ll smash the POF next time. Thanks for your posts they’re very interesting and refreshingly honest, keep it up, you’ll get there in the end!

  2. Keelan,

    Long time reader, first time poster. Have been following your blog since the early days and may I wish you strength and patience in the ATPLs. Since this will be your final chance have you considered taking a week or two off work and doing 1 to 1 with a BGS or CATS lecturer?
    I know it may cost a fortune, but it may be a better option than retaking all 14 exams should the worst happen?

    • Hey Dave, glad to hear from you. Yes indeed I have considered that. I have some accelerator days left with BGS so I might go and do the POF one.
      I honestly can’t fail, it’s not an option. I will do whatever it takes to pass this exam, I’ve invested way too much into this.
      The thought of doing all the exams again makes me sick.


  3. I seriously suggest you take some 1 to 1 session with instructor, because to me your situation looks very dangerous.
    By the way, your blog has inspired me to follow my childhood dream and become a commercial pilot. And as a matter of fact I will be taking my POF and Aircraft General PPL exams tomorrow.

    • I think half of the issue is that I sat POF with exams that required more of my attention. Maths takes a lot of work for me and first time it was sat with Mass and Balance and perf. Second time it was sat with Gnav and Flight planning. So while I don’t think I neglected it I didn’t invest as much as I would have liked to. Now I have the ability to give it my all for 2 straight months so I want to make sure there’s no type of question I can’t answer.
      I will contact cats though as they are just up the road and maybe get some 1 2 1 tuition just before the exam.
      Awesome news! I am glad that you find by blog helpful in regards to providing you some motivation. Best of luck with your exams, let me know how they go. I am sure you will pass with flying colours.

  4. I’m sitting Mod 3 in july as well (2-5). I’m now studying POF and to me if it on of the hardest and som many questions form the BGS questions bank.
    Best of luck 🙂

    • It’s a nightmare mate, make sure you give it a fair amount of attention. It’s easy to to let the others take your attention away.


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