Advanced UPRT training at CRM Europe

From the 20th December 2019, Advanced UPRT training became mandatory for all pilots starting their first type rating. This training course needs to be done on an aircraft with a suitable instructor. Luckily CRM Aviation, where I did my MCC/JOC are one of the few schools in Europe to offer this training.
So this is my brief review of Advanced UPRT training at CRM Europe.


The course starts with 5 hours in a classroom where you discuss the theory behind the course. This was an interesting time but I won’t go into it as you will be taught it better than I ever could on your course.

Lesson 1
The first flight focuses on getting familiar with the T67, how it feels and flies. You then complete stalling exercises before moving on to spinning and spiral dives and more importantly learn how to recover from these situations.

Lesson 2
For me, this was the most exciting lesson mainly because not only did I get to do a loop for the first time (which is way more fun than I anticipated) but I got to fly inverted also.
We also did some more stalling but introduced flaps etc but again this is something you would have covered previously during your training.
You also do what is called the “Air France” demo which is a recreation of Air France flight 447 and how that would look in the aircraft.

Lesson 3
This lesson is all about upsets and how to recover. You will cover

  • Nose High (low speed)
  • Nose High (low speed)
  • Nose Low
  • Excessive bank Angle
  • Inverted

At the end of this lesson, you have a “test”. I say a test but it’s not a test, it’s just a way for your instructor to see that you have remembered all the techniques he has taught you and can demonstrate them safely.

I must admit, of all the courses I have done in aviation I found this one of the most useful. These are not only techniques that may save your life one day but I also discovered that with the correct actions you can recover these situations. On top of this, I learned that aerobatics can actually be good fun! Who knows, maybe I might take an aerobatics course at some point.
As always, the team at CRM is brilliant and the instruction is very high quality. If you are thinking about completing your advanced UPRT training, then I have no problem recommending CRM Aviation.

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