Should I change my flight instructor?

Sometimes training doesn’t work out like you think it should and you start to wonder, should I change my flight instructor? Above all you need to keep in mind that this is a business transaction. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason with the instructor you have, then you do not have to fly with … Read more

VFR into IMC

VFR into IMC is one of the most dangerous situations a VFR pilot can find themselves in. VFR into IMC ┬áis when a pilot takes of in VFR conditions, and is only trained for these conditions, but ends up flying into IMC conditions. Things go badly so fast that it is actually said that an … Read more

Tips for getting your PPL licence

Now that I have finished my PPL training I thought I would put together some tips for getting your PPL licence. I remember clearly the first day I turned up to the airfield excited about what I was about to embark on. However throughout my time I picked up some tips that will help you … Read more

Sacrifices during flight training

There will be a lot of sacrifices during flight training. This is a huge commitment that will stretch most people’s finances like they have never been stretched before. The sacrifices that need to be made are not just financial but will also stretch across your social life. Social Life – Your social life will take … Read more

Spin recovery

As part of my PPL I was looking forward to learning about spin recovery. When I asked my instructor when we was going to do this lesson, I was surprised that he replied that it is no longer in the syllabus. This gave me some worry, if I was flying alone in the plane and … Read more

Choosing a flight school

Choosing a flight school is something that all trainee pilots should put a lot of thought into. You will be spending a lot of money and you want to make the chances of anything going wrong as small as possible. Here are a list of things you should do when choosing a flight school. Visit … Read more

Why students quit flying

There are many reasons why students quit flying, while sometimes there is nothing that can be done other times the student can be talked through the issues they are going through. Money – Flying is very expensive and it is a lot of money going out, especially when you are still training. There is not … Read more